About Us


Board of Directors Is a body of appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of the company. Their duties are governing the company by establishing broad policies and objectives. Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources and approving annual budgets.

Administrative Department Administrative Department provides the district human resources and administrative function and it is divided into two divisions namely: Human Resources Division (HRD) HRD is responsible for recruitment and retention of highly qualified employees for the company. In charge for the implementation of personnel developments and employees welfare programs. Assist and conduct human resources training and workshops.

Administrative Division Administrative Division is responsible for general service; and collection & disbursement of funds. It is in-charge of the procurement; assist in the implementation of special projects programs.

Finance Department Finance Department is responsible for financial accounting and reporting, treasury management, assisting with budget preparation, preparing the Comprehensive Monthly and Annual Financial Report. It is divided into two divisions namely:

Accounting Accounting Division is responsible for the recording and summarizing of financial transactions. Preparation of Financial Reports and Inventory Management.

Budget Division Budget Division is responsible for the Budget Preparation. Assisting in allocation and distribution of budgets. Monitoring the budget performance.

Commercial Services Department Commercial Services Department provides customer services to the concessionaire/client. Responsible for billing and collection of water sales of the district. It is divided into two divisions namely:

Customer Services Division Customer Services Division is attending customer service requests and complaints. Responsible for the marketing strategies/program implementation and public information. In-charge in inspection and investigation regarding water connection. Customer Accounts Division Customer Accounts Division is responsible for meter reading, billing and collection. Assists in the recording and posting of payments. Monitoring the customer accounts.

Engineering Operations Department Engineering Operations Department is responsible for the management of water systems maintenance operations; and management of production and water distribution operations. It is divided into two divisions namely: Water Systems Maintenance Division Water Systems Maintenance Division is responsible for the installation of new service connections. Attending to the repairs and maintenance of water distribution lines; and performing of major and minor plumbing services. In-charge in water system project implementation and constructions. Responsible for the water meter maintenance; and disconnection and reconnection of service lines.

 Production Division Production Division is responsible for the pumping operations and water distributions. Monitoring the water quality. In-charge for the pumping facilities maintenance management, gathering and keeping of data analysis of wells.