2001 – 2003

Year 2001 – 2003

Year 2001
GMAWD acquired drilling site from the SAMAKA organization.  Eventually construction of the SAMAKA deep well and pump station was undertaken financed by the revenue of GMAWD. Blessing and inauguration was held right after the completion of the project on August 16, 2001. The deep well provided adequate supply of water to SAMAKA site, Vera Cruz, Happy Valley, Centennial and the commercial area, Brgy. Maderan. GMAWD employees attended three day Basic Customer Service Skills seminar conducted by Civil Service Commission at the ABC Hall, GMA, Cavite which aimed at creating a customer service oriented culture within the organization and it was a concentrated campaign to improve service and customer responsiveness of frontline personnel.

Year 2002
Another loan in the amount of P 1.5 M was acquired by GMAWD from LWUA to finance the drilling of one deep well at Brgy. Kua. The deep well is serving Brgy. Kua, Olaes and Salud and extended to Brgy. Elises, Calimag and Memije. GMAWD purchased 1 unit Mitsubishi L200 4 x 4 Strada for service operation vehicle. Continuous Clean and Green Program of all pump stations was undertaken. Training of all pump operators in line with proper management of the pump station they were assigned was conducted. GMAWD office occupied additional space for the administrative, finance and engineering division. GM Torralba acquired Scholarship Training from the AOTS subsidized by Department of Trade and Industry of Japan entitled “Corporate Management for the Philippines” held from September 25 to October 8, 2002 at Osaka, Japan.

Year 2003
Continuous pipe laying for water service line expansion at Brgy. Calimag portion of Memije, Malia, Granados, Poblacion 5, Dacon and Salud. The municipality of GMA became a part of the Water Resource Assessment and Development Plan for water districts by United Nations Development Project (UNDP). It was the study about status of underground water. LWUA held Project Presentation of the proposed Php 56.53M ADB Loan of GMAWD at Webb Stadium. This covered the construction of 4 additional wells and provision of electromechanical equipment, construction of 3 reservoirs, provision of treatment facilities, installation of distribution and transmission of 26 km. pipelines. Networking of billing and collection system. Seminar on Team Building was conducted and attended by GMAWD employees at Tagaytay City. It aimed at enhancing the capabilities of personnel in working as a team and continuously fosters smooth interpersonal and working relationship. GM Torralba attended scholarship training on Vital Business Tools for Manufacturing Industries/ Total Quality Management at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sponsored by Persantuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia in January 2003.