2006 – 2008

Year 2006 – 2008

Year 2006, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROJECTS OF GMAWD 1. Putting up of additional fire hydrants in strategic places in the barangays. 2. Watershed projects – small pockets of mini forest parks just like in Brgy. San Gabriel trees were planted and grown and the whole area is protected with concrete and iron fence. Planting of forest and ornamental trees in the pump stations and streets. 3. Landscaping of the Municipal Hall Plaza. 4. Putting up of a training & sports plaza at Brgy. Kua thru BOT 5. Clean and Green project fronting San Gabriel II, GMATHS, & EARIST.

Year 2007, GMA Water District acquired the 356 square meters two storey commercial building at Block 4 Lot 1 Poblacion 2 GMA, Cavite located along Congressional Road fronting San Gabriel II Elementary School. Acquisition of 9,880 sq. meters lot at Barangay Kua for future projects thru BOD Res. Nos. 12 and 25 series of 2007. The GMAWD Board of Directors in its Resolution No. 06 S. 2007 dated February 22, 2007 approved the request on the Sangguniang Bayan of GMA for sharing of the expenses of the covered path walk with railing for San Gabriel II Elementary School to Gen. Mariano Technical High School thru the SB Resolution No. 1074-s-06. GMAWD Resolution specified that expenses for the construction of roofing will be shouldered by GMA Water District. The said project is of great advantage to student, teachers & pedestrians. Another water source has been constructed at Brgy. Pulido Extension financed from the loan savings from Asian Development Bank (ADB) thru Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). Construction of Mushroom laboratory and Grow houses at Tanjatco, Pasong Saguing, Poblacion 5, GMA, Cavite.

Year 2008, Blessing & Inauguration of GMAWD Administration Building, GMAWD-GAD Mushroom Farm and Pump Station No. 13. Put up Day Care Classes in Pasong Saging and Brgy. Pulido Free Internet Café to all early payers. The GMA Water District was awarded “Most GAD Responsive Water District” by LWUA awarded on September 17, 2008 on the occasion of the LWUA –Water District Forum held at the Centennial, Manila Hotel.