Year 2011

The accomplishments  of the district for the year 2011 are as follows:

  1. Pipe laying works at Tahanan,  GMA Village, main and secondary roads, 480 meters pipe lines
  2. Technical Evaluation and Pump Testing at Padilla Well
  3. Rehabilitation of Pump Station No. 6 San Gabriel,  bailing activities of sediments and sand deposits into the casing of the existing well
  4. Pipelaying  works at Block 1 of Brgy. Lumbreras (155 meters pipe lines) – 4” diameter PVC pipelines /transfer of service connection tapping from the existing 2” diameter PVC pipeline to the new 4” diameter distribution system
  5. Secondary line expansion for SitioRoling Hills, F. De Castro -330 meters pipeline
  6. Pump Station No. 14 at Lot D- 4J, Brgy. Kua was operational, new transmission pipelines been utilized for distribution
  7. Blessing and Inauguration of Pump Station  No. 14 and GMAWD-GAD Mushroom Farm held on February 9, 2011 at GMAWD Farm Lot, D-4-J Brgy. Kua, GMA, Cavite


Several activities were conducted by the District this year. Inasmuch as the corporate social responsibilities are concerned, the district is very enthusiastic and very eager to perform our responsibilities not just for our own sake but also for the benefits of the community that we are belong.

GMAWD celebrates its 22 years.   One week activities were Blood Letting Activity, Livelihood Training for all GMAWD Female Employees and KKMK, Seminar on Basic Plumbing Techniques for all Maintenance Personnel, Operation & Maintenance Seminar of Control Facilities for Pump Operators, Mass Wedding and Corporate Solidarity Night. A tree planting and clean up drive was held in different barangay in GMA, Cavite.  A launching of adopt-a-pump station program was held on September 1, 2011 in cooperation of GMAWD Employees.