Year 2012

The accomplishments and projects of the district for the year 2012 are as follows:

  1. Energization of Pump Station 13  inBrgy. Pulido, GMA, Cavite
  2. Re-drilling of PS No. 1 in Brgy. San Gabriel, GMA, Cavite
  3. Rehabilitation of Pump Station No. 8 at Brgy. Kua GMA, Cavite
  4. Purchase of Water System of Mr. Angelito Padilla located at Block 16 Lot 1, Pulido GMA, Cavite amounting of  1.05 million pesos.
  5. Capital outlay of Pump Station 15 amounting to 1.6 million pesos.
  6. Pipe laying works of 90 meters pipe lines at Family Village Resources Poblacion 5, GMA Cavite .
  7. Technical Support/Drilling activities at PS No. 1.
  8. Expansion line project of 252 meters pipe laying at Pasong Saguing area of Brgy. SeverinoDelas Alas GMA, Cavite.

Program and Activities

  1. Couples Recollection participated  by GMAWD employees together with their Husband/Wives.
  2. CAWD and STAWD Sportsfest participated by all WD’s in Southern Tagalog.
  3. Participation in World Water Day Celebration.
  4. Seminar on Spiritual Formation held at St. Scholastica Center of Spirituality, Tagaytay City
  5. Mass Wedding and Tree Planting.