Year 2013

At present, The GMAWD become more unstoppable in giving total quality management and an absolute service delivery not just for the concessionaires but also to the constituents of the entire municipality. The management, including the employees of the district is looking forward for the success of the operation of the district with the highest level of enthusiasm, commitment and integrity. These are some activities and projects that was initiated by the district for the betterment of the organization.

  1. Repainting of Elevated Tank in  Pump Stations Nos. 2,3,6,8,9,12 .
  2.  Purchase of 1,374 square meter lot at Brgy. LRT, Brgy.Gregoria De Jesus and 144 sq.m lot at Brgy. Francisco Reyes  proposeddeepwell sites.
  3. Ground Breaking Ceremony in Brgy. Gregoria De Jesus and Brgy. F. Reyes GMA, Cavite.
  4. Walk for a Cause Program in cooperation with Local Government Unit, Non Governmental Organizations and Governmental Organizations .
  5. Dental Mission.
  6. Gift Giving Activity.
  7. Municipal Wide Clean Up Drive was participated by the Public Schools, Local Government Unit, Non Governmental Organizations and Governmental Organizations.
  8. Inter-agency Sports fest in coordination with GMA Local Government Unit.

Today, GMAWD maintains a work force composed of God-fearing servants, professionals, skilled and trained employees. GMAWD nowadays has an affirmative working milieu that promotes solidarity and optimism. It is envisionedto uphold superior service delivery and guidance by constantly fortifying its course and procedure inadvancing its utilities for global transformation.